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True Detective Meets Cognition

29 September 2018

Because I have been thinking about reality, since my daughter sent me the Anil Seth Ted talk, the new Netflix show Maniac caught my eye. It is an exploration of all things brain and awareness and cognition. To sweeten the pot, it is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga who directed the first season of True Detective, another one of those shows that makes you think so hard you cannot make articulate sounds. I watched True Detective on plane flights after working in various places and when I would finish an episode, I would look around the plane, filled with travelers, and not be able to place myself for...

Empathy and Literature

20 June 2018

If you are into wonky information about empathy and connection through story – this is a great read from Lit Hub. It somehow manages to talk about the ideas of cognitive perspective taking, the Frog and Toad books, and Barack Obama.

Anil Seth and Reality

15 March 2018

If you want a Neuroscience kick in the head, I suggest watching Anil Seth’s Ted talk. I came upon it because it was assigned to my daughter in one of her Cognitive Science classes at McGill. She sent me the link, and told me to watch it. I am still pondering the ideas he introduces about hallucination and your experience of world and self.


16 January 2018

Because there is nothing like the feeling of vindication, except maybe the feeling of vindication coupled with the feeling of having done something right for people. So it turns out that Inc Magazine also finds that story is transportation to empathy, intelligence, and humility. Many of the great qualities of a leader, or really, of a human. Apparently what I have been doing for the last decade now makes it to the glossies.

A Wave of Good Indicators

13 February 2014

The Boulder Flood meant a lot of things to a lot of people. For us, this dangerous flood revealed the strong connection between myself...

My newest article, about Boulder, written for the Guardian U.K.

27 July 2013

The Republic of Boulder, as Boulder, Colorado, is fondly known, is a town of almost 100,000 people nestled up against the red sides of the Flatirons in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The “Republic” has a reputation for being at once snooty and strange, a combination that works to bring in tourists and keep out the haters, who love to criticise this odd university town for being a bastion of liberal, peace-loving, spiritual, exercise-crazy freaks. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Lessons from Superman

15 July 2013

Halfway through the new Superman movie, which if you have not seen, you should, the movie started talking to me. Not in the crazy way,...

Ideas, Storytelling & the Art of Controlled Chaos

29 May 2013

I was just interviewed for a radio show called Brain Talk Radio. It was a great experience in how to tell a story when you have no...


15 March 2013