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Fat Rose

07 February 2019

fat rose

I am doing work right now with an organization that makes my heart sing. Both their drive and their content are towards revolution. And, which is dear to me, their graphics and design are rad.

The organization is Fat Rose, out of the Bay Area, and they work for intersectional social justice for fat folks in a world where that justice can be very hard won. They are smart, really well equipped, and are trying something new – which is to do community organizing and education entirely remotely. We have been working on how to use Zoom as an organizing too, and how to create the underpinnings of personal and societal change through our phones and computers – but not the old school social media way.

I will keep you posted as to how this works and what skills and tools we create. For now, we are using a lot of the Liberating Structures work combined with some of the principles from ACT-UP in the 1980’s. It’s a mash up of different parts of my life and experience that makes me feel old (the 1980s) and invigorated.