Modaka Communications

Leadership is an emotional intelligence skill built over time. It’s not magic. It is not about charisma. It can be learned and practiced. It is available to everyone regardless of position in an organization, age, gender identification, race, size, or age.

We bring the best of the research on leadership and personal development to creating programs for organizations and individuals to transform. Not into an idealized version of what a leader should be, but into the leader only you can be.

Leadership is a call to service where your greatest gifts meet the needs of the world. We support people in finding that individual call and we support you through the challenges

We form our programs with insight from Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence, Google’s successful Search Inside Yourself program, Daniel Siegel’s interpersonal neurobiology, and the Institute of Heartmath and add in as much data as possible from the real world the people in your organization experience. Our programs always have real-world application and learning by doing. We love project-based learning and peer-to-peer support.

We create one day to one year programs (we have one that is three years long and going strong).

We find that the links between creativity, innovation, leadership, change and diversity make all the difference and while we focus our programs on one facet, we know that a little of the others will support and augment growth and transformation.