Modaka Communications

innovation and creativity

No matter how well or how poorly you solve the problems that come up in your world, you can learn to think more creatively and respond more resiliently.

At Modaka we use the Foursight profile to understand individual and team problem-solving skills. We then work with you to create living labs where you can experience success with new ways of thinking, creating, and innovating.

  • Build individual and team innovation and creativity capacity.
  • Focus on a process or project.
  • Hold an offsite.
  • Create better people systems.

Our living labs can include Creative Problem Solving, Human Centered Design, Generative Story Process, and Creative Collaboration as well as team building through story.

We find that the links between creativity, innovation, leadership, change and diversity make all the difference and while we focus our programs on one facet, we know that a little of the others will support and augment growth and transformation.