Modaka Communications

The research and our experience tell us we are all filled with our own biases. Our cognitive and implicit biases are damaging to our creativity, our teams, our world, and ourselves – until we face into them and begin the process of exploration and harm reduction.

At Modaka we create programs and workshops that bring true diversity into organizations: diversity of thinking, points of view, experience, understanding, and life. This means finding ways to bring everyone into the conversation. Everyone of every age, gender identity, race, religion, size, socio-economic-status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and whatever else diversity can possibly look like where you are. We support the bravery behind the first step, and the resilience behind the 100th step.

We specialize in the courage it takes to start the process of questioning bias – and especially for educated, well-intentioned folks who want to understand their privilege and use it for good.

We find that the links between creativity, innovation, leadership, change and diversity make all the difference and while we focus our programs on one facet, we know that a little of the others will support and augment growth and transformation.