Modaka Communications

Change is inevitable. You can plan for it, strategize around it, and create positive change. It’s a vital part of organizational and personal life. How we navigate the transitions internally when change happens is where the work gets interesting.

Failure rates for change initiatives, according to the research, are around 70%.

Why? Because the whole organization and the whole individual were not brought into the process with an understanding of behavioral science, neuroscience, and human history’s wisdom as well as strategy and goal setting.

At Modaka, we work on both levels – helping create strategic change and supporting the transitions that go with it.

We work with leaders, managers, and individual contributors to support change from the top down and the bottom up with planning, trainings, coaching, and development around the skills, tools, and behaviors that create success.

Our Story-based approach includes workshops and trainings, coaching, and change practices for all levels of your organization tailored specifically for your needs.

We find that the links between creativity, innovation, leadership, change and diversity make all the difference and while we focus our programs on one facet, we know that a little of the others will support and augment growth and transformation.